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About Us

The earliest record of St. Michael's Church in Padreborn dates back to 1843 when two acres of land were donated. The first log church was called St. Thomas and the area was called Prairie Du Long. Construction began on the current stone church in 1859. The church was dedicated and named in honor of St. Michael the Archangel on May 8, 1862. St. Michael's supported Catholic education from 1863 when the first school was built and it closed in 1965. 

Today, 210 families belong to St. Michael's and we are growing. We  are a parish of many families, young and old. We support our young people with Catholic education, weekly Parish School of Religion classes, and a teenage youth group. With hope and expectation, we look to the future with faith. 

Parish Leaders
Rev. Jim Voelker

Retired in Residence

Karen Walsh

Secretary and DRE

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